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Canon Ambassadors

Canon ambassadors represent some of the innovative creatives who stand by our products, while inspiring image makers to hone their craft.

Image by Canon Ambassador, Jarrad Seng
Diverse Visions. Shared Passion.

The work of these photographers, film-makers and content creators couldn’t be more diverse, yet they all have two things in common – their pursuit of personal truth, and their choice to use Canon products to embrace it.

Canon ambassador's works
Meet the Ambassadors
Jarrad Seng

One of Australia's most versatile and respected creatives, Jarrad’s spirit of adventure has seen him traverse the world with his Canon EOS R5, winning an army of followers for the unique way he captures the world around him.

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Jarrad Seng
Kate Cornish

Freelance cinematographer, director and photographer Kate Cornish has been obsessed with film since childhood. Perfecting her craft shooting Indie music videos and short films, Kate is making her mark on the industry with her distinct and personal style.

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Kate Cornish
James Simmons

Acclaimed wedding photographer, James Simmons is the antithesis of all things cliche. His candid shots capture the true spirit of human connection, telling stories that go beyond the expected.

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James Simmons
Bonnie Cee

An admired Australian fashion photographer, visual storyteller and entrepreneur, Bonnie’s imagery and filmmaking weaves a delicate balance between grace and glamour.

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Image of Canon Ambassador Bonnie Cee holding a Canon EOS camera
Alisha Lovrich

Working in high-pressure sports environments, Alisha captures the action and emotion of athletes pushing their bodies to the limit. Now, she’s taking her skills to the next level.

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Image of Alisha Lovrich holding Canon gear
The Cameras Empowering the Creatives
Canon Full-Frame Mirrorless

Lightweight, but packing a powerful punch, our full frame EOS R range and RF lenses put spontaneity at your fingertips.

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Canon Cinema

Combining DSLR and live action, our Cinema range gives filmmakers the versatility they need to capture their vision. That’s the power of together.

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Jarrad Seng
The Story of Scars on The Canon Convos Podcast

Join Jarrad as he speaks to Daniel Boud about the idea behind 'The Story of Scars' and the diverse subjects that he engaged with.

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