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Minimise your printer fleet costs with Canon’s Print Management Solutions
Reduce printing costs by eliminating unnecessary jobs, ensure local and remote workers can scan and print securely, and reduce operational expenditure on IT infrastructure by moving to a fully cloud-based solution.
Ways we can help your business
There’s more than one way to streamline your business with Canon.

  • Increase device and document security

    Protect confidential data and prevent unauthorised use of your print fleet. Canon print management lets you restrict access to secure devices within the office or from remote locations. Print-only functions can be extended to guest users.

  • Manage and reduce print costs

    Eliminate the need for local print servers and reduce the burden on IT departments with Canon’s proprietary cloud-based technology. Drive down costs by ensuring users print only what they need. Identify opportunities to further reduce costs with detailed reporting.

  • Improve office productivity

    Boost productivity by enabling users to print from mobile devices or the cloud, then modify documents at job release to save valuable time. Encourage them to scan directly to online or internal destinations for automatic key data extraction.

  • Reduce your environmental impact

    Minimise waste with on-demand print release that ensures users print only what they need. Enforce double-sided and mono print rules, allowing users to over-ride colour and finishing settings at job release. Reduce power consumption by eliminating ‘Always On’ print servers.

  • Simplify scanning, eliminate double-handling

    Streamline document scanning to cloud and internal data storage, optionally extracting key data from documents to populate file names, folder paths or document index data.

  • Simplify Remote Working Print and Scan

    Enable your remote workforce with secure home-based Canon printers or multi-function devices equipped with trackable print and scanning controls. Deploy a single printer driver and, with cloud technology, route print jobs to home or office devices, regardless of Virtual Private Network or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure configuration.

What sets us apart
We’re trusted by businesses across the country to enhance their office experience.
  • Certifications


    Canon policies are effectively implemented and routinely reviewed to ensure they deliver on our promise, meeting independent certification standards.

  • Compliance


    Engineered to comply with international quality standards, Canon’s document and records management software is safe and secure to manage your records.

  • Support


    With product and technical support from a global leader, you can manage your organisation’s documents and records with great confidence and efficiency.