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Privacy Policy

Your Info, In Focus
Getting to know our Privacy Policy

At Canon, we respect your right to know how we handle personal information. So, to make things clear, here are the ins and outs of our Privacy Policy.

Except for Personal Information collected by Canon Business Services Australia or Canon Business Services New Zealand, Personal Information collected by Canon Australia and Canon New Zealand is manged in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Personal Information collected by Canon Business Services is manged in accordance with its Privacy Policy here.

WHY do we collect personal Information?

We need to collect and use personal information in order to run our business – to do things like:

• fulfil orders for goods and services;
• hire out photographic equipment, photographic studios and creative workspace;
• operate our online stores, and other online services;
• provide commercial credit and finance;
• provide training and product information;
• manage customer and other business relationships;
• deal with inquiries and feedback;
• improve our products and services;
• conduct events, promotions and competitions;
• promote and market our company, products and services;
• understand our customers and community and tailor our products, services, marketing and communications to suit their needs; and
• recruit staff and manage contractors.

WHAT kinds of personal information do we collect?

• We collect personal information about our consumer customers, business contacts, newsletter subscribers, competition entrants, job applicants, and others. Depending on the circumstances, we may collect their names and contact details, and information about their:
 ◦ transactions with us,
 ◦ use of our products and services;
 ◦ subscription preferences;
 ◦ participation in events, promotions and competitions organised by us;
 ◦ job applications; and
 ◦ other interactions and communications with us.

• We may collect financial, credit-related and identity verification information about people in order to provide them or related entities with commercial credit or finance (for more details in Australia see our Credit Reporting Policy), lend equipment or hire out space to them, operate product trade in programs, or to comply with legislation like anti-money laundering laws and counter-terrorism laws.

• We collect information about how people use our digital properties (including websites, social media sites, apps and electronic communications) and third party websites (digital interactions). Also, if people share an image with us, we may collect the metadata (such as camera details and geolocation data) attached to that image (image metadata). Usually the digital interactions data and image metadata we collect is anonymous. However, where a person signs up for one of our services (such as MyCanon, subscriptions, competitions etc.), we may link his/her digital interactions data and image metadata (past and future) to him/her. We may also attribute and add to such data anonymised data from third party sources, such as consumer analytic data from data aggregators. In that case we will treat all such data as personal information.

• We provide opportunities for people to share additional information with us if they wish, such as product wish lists, product reviews, and social network profiles.

Let’s be DIRECT about direct marketing

We know this is the one people worry about.

We will only send direct marketing communications to people if we have their consent, or the law otherwise permits. We may use any personal information we have collected about a person to tailor those communications to reflect his/her needs.

We will always provide a simple way to opt out of any direct marketing from us.

WHO do we usually disclose personal information? Are we likely to disclose it to anyone overseas?

We need to share some personal information we hold with other businesses to enable them to help us with services like data storage, business processes, deliveries and so on. Some of those businesses are based in America, Europe, Japan, and the Philippines. But we only disclose what is necessary for them to do their job, and they are contractually obliged to keep your details safe.

HOW do we protect personal information?

We know how important it is to keep personal information secure, so we have a range of processes in place, including:

• using secure servers and other appropriate measures to protect electronic data;
• measures to control internal access, such as policies, physical access restrictions, network structures, passwords and access tracking;
secure third party online payment methods.

And when information isn’t needed anymore, we’ll make sure it gets destroyed, deleted or de-identified.

HOW can I get in touch about my information?

If we hold information about you, you have rights to access that information and/or ask us to correct it if it’s wrong. All you need to do is contact our Privacy Officer.

Please also contact our Privacy Officer if you have any concerns or complaints about how we’ve handled your information. He/she will investigate and respond in writing as quickly as possible. If you’re not satisfied after that, it’s your right under the privacy legislation to lodge a complaint with the Privacy Commissioner.

Here’s how you can reach our Privacy Officer:

Australia New Zealand
Privacy Officer
Canon Australia Pty Ltd
Building A
The Park Estate
5 Talavera Road
13 13 83
Privacy Officer
Canon New Zealand Limited
Akoranga Business Park
28 The Warehouse Way
Northcote 0627
0800 222 666

Personal Information collected by Canon Business Services Australia and Canon Business Services New Zealand is manged in accordance with its Privacy Policy here.

This Policy otherwise covers Canon Australia Pty Ltd and its wholly owned subsidiaries Canon Finance Australia Pty Ltd and Canon New Zealand Ltd.

It may be updated from time to time.

Last updated: 2021

Image credit: Melville Xue, Canon employee

Our San-Ji Spirit Approach
A three-pronged approach that’s the foundation of all our thinking and behaviour.
  • JI-HATSU (Self-Motivation)

    Take the initiative and be proactive in everything you do

  • JI-CHI (Self-Management)

    Conduct yourself responsibly and be accountable for your actions

  • JI-KAKU (Self-Awareness)

    Understand the situation you find yourself in and your role in that situation

Our Corporate Values
These guide the way we behave.
  • Bravery

    We challenge the status quo. We can do so much more if only we are brave enough to try. We accept accountability for our actions and we encourage and reward bravery. We learn from our mistakes and we are not afraid to fail as it teaches us valuable lessons.

  • Togetherness

    Our team spirit is what drives us. We share a common purpose. We treat one another exactly how we would like to be treated. We care about each other and respect each other’s opinions. We take pride in sharing ideas, celebrating together and having fun! Our reputation is reflected in the success of our relationships.

  • Achievement

    We pursue excellence and quality in everything we do. When we achieve our goals, our business grows. We celebrate and share stories of our successes with each other. We anchor our thoughts on achieving positive outcomes. We are proud of our heritage and our brand. We protect and safeguard it in everything we do, everyday.

  • Imagination

    We have great ideas and we share them freely. We always look for innovative ways of doing things. We are creative, curious and seek inspiration from the world around us. We share business insights and create customer and people experiences that are worth talking about.

  • Integrity

    We do the right thing, always. We do what we say we’ll do. We align with customers and communities that share in our vision, values and purpose. We trust each other and respect our partners. We practice Kyosei and embrace our San-ji Spirit in everything that we do.

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