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Thank you, phones.
We’d like to thank phones for their good work. Seriously. They’ve shown millions of people the power of images. What works, and what doesn’t. But now it is time. Time to move forward. Time to move onward. Time to move to the next level. Time to move from snapping a moment to capturing that moment. We think you’re ready. And we’re ready to help.
Image by Jarrad Seng, Canon Australia Ambassador
It’s time to focus on faces.

The difference is in the details. ‘Portrait Mode’ gets you on your way. But the combination of sensors and lenses and the ability to control blur (what the pros call ‘bokeh’) with a mirrorless camera will help you bring out the details in faces. It’s time to make those details pop.

It’s time to focus on faces.
Image by @_tommykuo
It’s time to zoom ahead.

Get closer to perfection. A bigger sensor and better lenses mean you can zoom in without losing out. So you don’t just see bigger pixels, you see more detail. The bigger the distance, the bigger the difference. It’s time to see it all.

It’s time to zoom ahead.
Image by @colinjlucas
It’s time to see in the dark.

Low light no longer means low quality. That combination of bigger sensors and better lenses in our mirrorless cameras improves what the pros call ISO sensitivity. In a nutshell, that means that the camera collects more light, and makes it easier for you to use that light. It’s time to welcome the night.

It’s time to see in the dark
Image by @julianlallo
It’s time to move forward.
Movies should move people. And when you produce videos with our mirrorless cameras, they do. Bigger sensors and better lenses mean more detail, higher dynamic range and better colours. And that means your productions produce better results. From Twitch streams to YouTube videos. It’s time to step up.
It’s time to move forward.
It’s time to make plans.
Feel the difference with a camera, see the world a little differently. Take time to compose, think about each image, you’ll be rewarded for your knowledge and creativity. With a camera you can stop mindlessly snapping. You can plan each shot. Compose each image. It’s time to take off the training wheels.
It’s time to make plans
Image by Maria Boyadgis
It’s time to take control.
There’s tweaking a video. And then there’s creating a masterpiece. A camera lets you take charge of how your videos look. A camera allows you to Shoot To Edit. You control focus. You control exposure. You can store hours of footage instead of seconds. And you can use simple editing software to control everything your heart desires. It’s time to be boss.
It’s time to connect.
With Canon cameras you are always connected. The Camera Connect App lets you easily upload your higher quality shots to social media, and even use your phone as a remote. Show the world your best. It’s time to share.
It’s time to connect

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It’s time to choose
It’s time for a Canon Camera
*YouGov survey January 2021, n=2,281. Survey excludes smartphones.